Digital Footprint

What Is it About ?

What Is Your Digital Footprint And Why Is It Important ?

A Digital Footprint is a trail or digital "footprints" you leave behind in the internet. It range from from comments you post on other's content or things you post online. This is really important because it can do both harm and good to your image to other people. It's important to have an idea of our digital footprint because as time gets more modern and technological your everyday life may involve the internet or social media , so having a good digital footprint is important.

What Does Your Digital Footprint Consist Of ?

  • Posts On Social Media - This can impact your digital footprint because a post on social media is like your message or thought to the world. So everyone can see it even if you have second thoughts about it.
  • Messages - This criteria can vary , meaning personal or public can affect your image or digital footprint. In the internet nothing is safe , meaning if you delete one of messages private or public chances are someone can pull it back up.
  • Comments - Just like messages this can also vary. Meaning just how you would message someone , comments can also have the same effect with your digital footprint.

Your Digital Footprint Can Effect Your Everyday Life

What Impact Does Your Digital Footprint Have ?

  • Jobs - Today many job interviews often require a look at your social media. This process can range from searching your name on the internet or accessing your social media. This is important because having a bad digital footprint on your social media can risk you getting that job.
  • Self Image - Whether you have a good or bad image on social media it can create a impression of yourself. Meaning people today look at what type of person you are or who are instead of actually being face to face. So creating a good self image on social media can be important.
  • Social Peers & Usefulness - Creating or having a good digital footprint can be as simple as saying something positive or helpful. Just like the example above having a good digital footprint can create good impressions to the world.

How Can You Improve Your Digital Footprint ?

  • Think Before Post - Read carefully what you post on the internet and ask yourself if this post is helpful or harmful to your self image.
  • Be Positive - Being positive to your social community and peers can really be helpful to your digital footprint as to your friends and family.
  • Be Helpful - Another good deed to being positive is to be helpful to your peers and community. Doing this might have people think highly of you.

What Did You Learn About Your Digital Footprint ?

For me I learned that everyday your digital footprint is getting more important to your everyday life. Maybe in the future your digital footprint is the only thing that can provide info about yourself , so it's important to be safe and careful of what your digital footprint looks like.