Hundred Days Offensive

Several battles won by the Allied forces in 1918

Visit all 4 battlefields, from Amiens, France to Mons, Belgium

The Hundred Days Offensive is not a single battle, its 10 all grouped together. The battles of Amiens, Somme, the Advance to the Hindenburg Line, and the Battles on the Hindenburg Line were all won by Allied forces. The German government was forced to seek peace after this series of offensive attacks by Belgium, Britain, France, and the US. The battle of Amiens began August 8, 1918 when more than 10 allied forces attacked German forces, led by General Erich Ludendorff, with more than 500 tanks. After the battle of Amiens, the Allies' supplies and artillary ran low, and Ferdinand Froch, a military theorist, told Field Marshal Douglas Haig to continue the offensive. He refused, and on the 15th of August, the Allies launched a new offense against the German Second Army, in the basin of the river Somme. After a victory for the Allies, the British Fourth Army continued its advance, headed East from Amiens, and the Australian Corps crossed the Somme river, breaking German lines. By the 2nd of September, German troops were pushed back to the Hindenburg line, where they had launched their offensive in the spring. Sometimes referred to as the "Great Offensive", a series of attacks planned by Froch resulted in the breaking of the HIndenburg line, and, on October 8th, 1918, the German High Command was forced to accept that the war had to be ended. Lt. Charles Smith Rutherford, a Canadian Lieutenant, captured a German party of 45 with only a revolver. He was rewarded a Military Medal, a Military Cross and a Victoria Cross. In the end, the total casualties for both sides of the war were more than 1,460,000.

Tour Information

As well as the tour of the battlefields, there is a museum on the Somme battlefiend, and the Museum of the Great War in Meaux, France. The best time of year is between May and November, with nice warm weather and highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s. For more touring, you can call +44 1989 565599 and take tours with In The Footsteps, a company that does tones of tours, on all different wars, etc.

Travelling & Hotels

To get to Amiens, France and begin your tour of the battlefields, you can fly to Roisssy Charles-de-Gualle airport, about 16 miles NorthEast of Paris, and about an hour and a half from Amiens, France. There are about 16 hotels near, or in, Amiens, and plenty of beautiful French restaraunts to eat at. From Amiens, its only a little more than an hour and a half drive to the end of the battles in Mons, Belgium. Along the way, there are lots of sites to see. The belfry, in Amiens, France, the Musee de Picardie in Somme, and many other historical sites in the region.

Naomi Shafer and Ana Valdovinos