Montenegro Research

country basics :

  • what is the name of the country : Montenegro
  • what is the capital of the country : the capital of Montenegro is Podgorica .
  • what is the flag from the country and what is the meaning to it : the colors on the flag are yellow , red, blue, and green. The meaning to the flag is to represent the unity of church and their state.

Geography :

  • What is the location (what continent its on and what countries surround it) : Montenegro is in the continent of Europe and some countries that surround it are, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina.
  • What are the major land forms (physical features) : Some major land forms or physical features are mountains , valleys, and rivers.
  • What are the major landmarks (human geographic features) : Some major land marks are , durmitor - national park ,Tivat - Porto Montenegro ,perast - Boka bay ,Skadorsko lake ,Sueti Stefan - Budva. Those are also the 5 most popular locations to visit .

  • What are the major body's of water : Some important bodies of water in Montenegro are, The bay of kotor, which is the largest bay in Montenegro, and Skadar lake which is the largest lake in Montenegro.
  • How does their geography/Environment effect the citizens life. Provide examples of human Environment interaction : It effects their life a lot because there is so much Air pollution and there is a lot of mountains and rivers-valleys. Ex: Air pollution, climate changes, law of the sea, and sea pollution.

Government :

  • What type of government does the country have : Montenegro has A republic type of government.
  • Who is the leader(s) : The leader/president of Montenegro is Filip vujanovic' .
  • How are the leaders chosen : the presidents or leaders are elected/chosen by a process of voting in secret.
  • Describe the rights, roles & responsibilities of the citizens : they cant have a war in Montenegro (its Legal) , And you have to be 15 years or older to read and write in Montenegro.


  • Is it a rich nation or poor nation (GDP) : the GDP in Montenegro is a rich nation because they have 9.428 billion dollars it is also the official amount of money they get every year.
  • what kind of money do they use/have : they use American USA dollars.
  • What is there main import or export : Import - raw aluminum, cars, dried legumes, lead ore, and scrap iron. Exports - Re-fried petroleum, cars, pig meat, and packaged medicament.
  • Identify the life expectancy, birth rate, literacy rate, and the drinking water sources : In the year of 2015 the life expectancy in Montenegro is about 78.43 years. The birth rate is 10.42 births/1000 population. The total population of literacy is 98.7%, Male=99.5 , female 98%. The improved population is 99.7% , the unimproved population is 0.3%.

Culture :

  • traditional and modern clothing - what do the people wear there wear : they wear knee socks and dresses, they also wear a shirt with closed buttons and silver plates, they would also wear skirts and a fancy jacket.
  • The major language(s) spoken in that country : The major languages that are spoken are Montenegrin which is 37% spoken, and the other major language that is spoken in Montenegro is Serbia and its 42.9% spoken.
  • Holidays- what are the major holidays : the major holidays are, new years day, orthodox Christmas, orthodox Easter Monday, may day, independence day, and state hood day holiday .
  • Religions- what is the main religion and what is the religions belief's : Montenegro's main religion is orthodox, their beliefs that god revealed himself as Jesus Christ, and the incarnation of Christ.
  • food- give an example of a dish that is popular and what it contains : their most popular food is a local cuisine and it contains : vegetables, meat, they also eat bread with it.

Climate :

  • general weather conditions : its usually hot/dry in the summer/autumn and really cold winters with A lot of snow on land , its mainly Mediterranean.
  • Average yearly rainfall : The average yearly rainfall is 505 mm.
  • Average yearly temperature : The average yearly temperature is 17.2 *c.
  • What affects the climate has on the country ( Availability of resources ) : the effects that the climate has on Montenegro is it effects the inland with heavy snowfall.

History :

  • Provide 2 examples of historical events or factors such as invasions, conquest, colonization, immigration, and how they contributed to their current condition : one example of historical events in Montenegro is in 1918 was the first world war in Montenegro and that's when Montenegro started to become part of , Kingdom of Serbs , A second example of historical events that happened in Montenegro is in 2007 Montenegro had to get use to the constitution they where in since they became apart of a different continent .

Compare and Contrast :

  • choose 2 aspects of your country's culture (religion, government, food, language, housing, clothing, etc.) and compare to those same aspects of our culture in the united states : the first compare and contrast is in Montenegro you have to be 15 years or older to read and write and in the united states you don't have to be a certain age to read and write. The second compare and contrast is they wear certain clothes in Montenegro and in the united states we get to pick what we want to wear.
  • Have at least 2 similarities and 2 differences for each aspect of culture that you select: One common thing that Montenegro and Argentina have is that they both have a republic country. A second common thing they have together is that they both have the three branches : Executive, legislative, and judicial branch. one difference they have is Argentina has mostly warm temperatures all the time and Montenegro has mostly cold temperatures and sometimes warm temperatures. The second difference is that they both speak different languages , Montenegro speaks Serbia and in Argentina they speak Spanish.