Picky Eaters Have Their Reasons

A New Study Explains

Picky Eaters

There may be no scientific explanation to why children are picky eaters, but it is still a problem many parents face. According to new research, there are reasons to why children are picky eaters. It happens to people all across the world at the dinner table, almost every single day.


Four Types of Picky Eaters

There are four different types of picky eaters.

- The sensory eater... These eaters don't like the food because of the way it looks or how it smells.

- Preferential eater... They try to avoid new foods.

- General perfectionists...have unusual needs, like not having their food touch.

- Behavioral eaters might cringe or gag because they aren't getting to play or they just don't like a specific type of bread, like wheat bread for example.