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Chris G, and Dylan M.

Heracles Herald

Ever since Heracles (Hercules) was a baby Hera entirely with all her heart despised him. When he was really young, Hera sent two snakes after him to try and kill him, but instead of going the way she wanted the two snakes dies instead. A lot later than that incedent Hera cast a temporary veil of madness over Heracles which made him kill his Wife and three kids. Afterwards he talked to his stepfater about that and he said" Hera cast a veil of temporary madness over you, and during that time you killed your three kids and your wife."So even though it wasn't Heracles's fault he still had to punish himself for what he did. Then he went to the Oracle of Apollo and the Oracle said "You must go to King Eurythesus and obey his every command until he thinks it's the proper time to let you free." So that's what Heracles did and his labors were called "The Twelve Labors of Heracles" Some labors include, The Nemean Lion, The Hydra(Most commonly known), and Eyrmanthian(I think that's how it's spelled) Boar.

Heracles the Hero Interview

By: Chris G, and Dylan M.

Me: So how's life?

Heracles: Good I'm enjoying my super strength and awesomeness.

Me: That's great I wish I had some of the things you have like your amazing strength.

Heracles: Eh, it's OK but it comes with a great price and great responsibility.

Me: Well back on to the topic. Super strength is great and all but tell me do you have any other uncanny abilities.

Heracles: Yes as a matter of fact I do some include; endurance, speed, and vitality, and more.

Me: Now I heard you killed your're wife and family am I right?

Heracles: Well yes....but I re-payed my debt by doing 12 difficult labors.

Me: And what are those 12 favors?

Heracles: A few are battling Lions, a giant multi-headed dragon called the Hydra, and capturing a giant boar.

Me: Exactly what is a hydra?

Heracles: Well its a giant dragon beast that when you cut off one head two more spawn in its place.

Me: That sounds terrifying. Did you get any help?

Heracles: Yes, in a matter of fact I did. From my brother Iphicles.

Me: How did you two manage to kill this beast?

Heracles: When I cut off one head Iphicles would burn the neck so the heads could not grow back.

Me: That is very clever, is there anything else you want to tell us before I have to go?Heracles: Well if you wondering I did have to travel to the underworld to get the 3 headed dog that Hades, the god of the underworld.

Me: I'm assuming he was very impressed by this.

Heracles: Well he freaked out when he saw it and ordered me to return to the underworld due to how ugly it was....

Me: Goodbye Heracles, hope you don't die from a Minotaur taking your wife.

Heracles: What was that?

Me: Nothing now goodbye.

Heracles: Bye....

Heracles Compared to Justin Beiber

Heracles compared to Justin Bieber.

Heracles is many times stronger

Heracles is much more brave

Heracles had to battle a giant multi-headed dragon beast called the Hydra. Justin did not.

Heracles also strangled a lion to death with his bare hands. Justin ALSO didn’t do that

They are similar because there talents are both some.

They are also similar because they both have a family.

They are different because Heracles murdered his wife. I’m hoping justin did not.

They are also similar because they both loved by CERTAIN people.

They are also both male.

They have both had strange pets. (Heracles had a flying horse called Pegasus and Justin had a monkey)