University of Northwestern Ohio

By: Chris Ruzicka

We have Sports!

Sports for Men, Women, and Coed. Team colors are Black, Red, and White. Men's sports consist of Basketball, Baseball, Bowling, Golf, Soccer, and Tennis. Women's sports consist of Basketball, Bowling, Golf, Soccer, and Tennis, Softball, and Volleyball. Last the Coed consists of Cheer leading, Motorsports - Modified, Motorsports - Stock, and Motorsports - Drag Racing

We Know Cars

Want to build your own car, fix others, work on High Performance or Diesel Vehicles. This is the place to learn how too. We are Number 1 in Diesel Technology. Want to work on High Horse power, High Performance Cars? We have that too! We also have our own race team here at UNOH that teach you how to work the right way and the fastest way on the cars if you want to be on a team. Our team travels together