You're Invited!

To the Constitutional Convention

The Big Day is Coming Soon!

Listen guys, we all know that the Articles of Confederation really are not working. We were trying distance ourselves from the British monarchical system, but effectively we gave no power to our executive branch. I know we can do better, so let's try to draft a new government for these United States!

The Constitutional Convention

Monday, May 14th 1787 at 8am

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA

We're going to meet at the State House!

(Remember where we met 11 years ago to sign the Declaration of Independence? It's in the same place!)

To Accomplish:

-Trash the Articles of Confederation

-Create a new system of government for the United States

-Create an executive branch and give him more power

-Create a judicial branch

-Give the federal government the power to tax

-Give Congress the power to regulate interstate commerce

-Create a common currency

-Give representation based on state population (instead of one vote per state, sorry New Hampshire)