Video Games

Do They Cause Bad Behaviors?

Video Game Wants

Many games nowadays have to look realistic in order to be good. People will argue that the game doesn't look realistic and the graphics have to be increased in order to become enjoyable, but with the increase of graphics creates a realistic environment and makes games feel as if you were the character going around beating people with a brick.

Pic: Game Maker Ubisoft Holds News Conference Ahead Of E3 Conference. Photography. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 18 Feb 2014.

The Parents

Parents argue all the time that the video games their children are playing are making them violent, but they never stop to think how their kid got a hold of the game. Parents usually buy their children games because they want them and don't look at the rating and then they blame the game for making them violent.

ESRB Ratings

ESRB ratings were introduced to rate games into age groups so people know what age you have to be in order to purchase the game. It also tells the buyer what kind of content the game will have.

Video Games Caused My Son to Kill Himself.

There have been a couple reports of teens killing their parents and shooting up their schools and everybody blames the video games they played. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the shooters of Columbine high a high school in Colorado had went to school and held it hostage. People had blamed the new video game "Doom" that had just came out during this time and was a game that both teens had played. The teens came into their school with a variety of weapons. The total death count was 15, Eric and Dylan were two of the deaths. They had committed suicide after they had done what they wanted to do.

Pic: Surveillance video of Eric Harris, left, and Dylan Klebold in the Columbine High School cafeteria during the shooting. Dec. 16, 1999 Littleton, Colo (SHNS photo courtesy The Denver Rocky Mountain News)

Views About Violence In Video Games

Of course, not everybody who plays these games will become a murderer,Just as not everybody who smokes gets cancer. But they will all get sickened. Video games don't cause violence, violence is caused by what kind of environment the child is in and how he is treated.