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September 3, 2021

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6th grade leads school in a chapel parade

This week 6th grade led students in a parade into chapel. They parade line grew as the 6th graders stopped by each class and invited them to join. Starting with the youngest of our marches and working their way by grade all the way up to 8th grade, they then ended in the gym. It was quite the celebration! And it didn't stop with a parade. Once everyone was seating the 6th grade class continued to lead our chapel worship. Mia and Lucas gave the message by telling the story of Jericho and reminding us to not let walls separate us.
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Class Scramble 2021

After spending many hours testing this week, middle school celebrated with their first of four school spirit events, “The Class Scramble”. Everyone knows that advantage goes to those that are experienced competitors but it is anyone's opportunity. This year the 8th grade class came out the victors and received the coveted KAES school spirit trophy. It will be housed in their homeroom until next quarter.

Eyes, Ears, and Scoliosis Screening

When we return on Tuesday (and then on Thursday for anyone who missed Tuesday) MEC will be on campus to begin screening students for eyes, ears, and scoliosis. A letter is going home today that explains the process in more detail. Please take a moment and familiarize yourself with the process. If you have any questions please contact the school office.
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PreSchool Plants Pumpkins

Have you started thinking about putting in your fall garden? The preschool students did just that yesterday. They prepared the soil and planted pumpkins in preparation for fall. There is nothing much better than helping kids get their hands in the dirt.

Raise Craze: Time to Sign Up!

Our Kindness Fundraiser kicks off on September 9! At our kick off assembly students will receive the information they need to start fundraising but we are giving you an opportunity to sign in and be ready. Below is an instructional video to help you know how to start. Be sure to use our unique school URL when signing up to ensure you are registered under the correct school. The URL is listed below. Click on the link to begin. You will also see QR codes posted around the school on our event posters for easy access.
Raise Craze Instructional

A Fundraiser We Can Be Proud Of!

Raise Craze is an online platform enabling students to set up secure, custom websites where they request donations via email. During the fundraiser, students pay it forward by completing Acts of Kindness for others.

Here’s How It Works

REGISTER We’ll provide a link for you to register and create your child’s website.

ACTS OF KINDNESS Students select at least 3 ways to pay it forward.

ENTER EMAILS Students enter email addresses of friends and family.
Raise Craze will take it from there sending all emails, reminders, and thank you’s.

Students can spend time serving instead of selling! Have fun spreading kindness!

Grandparents day September 17

Grandparents Day is just a couple weeks away. KAES invites all grandparents to visit grandchildren at our school. We will have a short program featuring each grade starting at 9:30pm. Grandparents are welcome to visit the classrooms before lunch and connect with grandchildren. We will have plenty of photo opportunities. There might even be time to share with the class some of their experiences when they were back in school. Grandparents are also invited to stay and eat with grandchildren. You can buy meal tickets from the office and even have them charged to your bill. Meal prices are $5 for students and $10 for adults. Please buy meals ahead of time so the cafeteria can better plan for how much food to make.
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Shoe Drive: August 9 - October 8, 2021

We're excited about our latest fundraiser because you don't have to buy ANYTHING! We're collecting gently worn, used and new shoes to raise money for playground equipment for the Middle School. Not only do you help us, but the shoes also get a second life with those in need. It's a double donation!

Friday T-Shirts

If you still need a Friday shirt please please let the office know what size you need so that we can get one for your. Parent shirts and extra shirts will be available for $12.

Lunch Menu: September 7 - 10

Lunch order is to be placed with the homeroom teacher each day. $4.25 small $5.00 large

Monday - No School

Tuesday - Macaroni and cheese, season fries, mixed vegetables, ambrosia fruit salad, and juice

Wednesday - chilaquiles, refried beans, Spanish rice, salad bowl, and juice

Thursday - Taco salad (haystack), pinto beans, lettuce, cheese, tomato, sour cream and juice/water

Friday - Hot Dogs, Fries, celery, chili beans, carrots, desert, and juice/water

Important Dates To Remember


Sept. 7 and 9 - Eyes, Ears and Scoliosis screening

Sept. 9 - Kick off for Raise Craze Kindness Fundraiser

Sep. 17 - Grandparents Day

Sept. 23 - Hand Washing Event (Elem. Classrooms)

Sept. 23 - Determined Cycling Tour 2022 @ CTA (5th - 8th grades)


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