Bessie Coleman


Date & Place of Birth

Date: January 26, 1893

Place of Birth: Atlanta, Texas


  • One of the 13 children
  • The parents are Susan and George Coleman


  • Caudron Brothers school of Auiation.
  • First african american woman poilet.

Jobs held

  • Pioneer
  • Barber shop
  • Chili parlor

3 Interesting Facts

  • Was a stunt flyer
  • She taught her self french and moved to France
  • Was a piolet for a school

Awards & Recongnition

  • high flying
  • helping schools out

Date Of Death & Age At Death

Date Of Death: Apirl 30, 1926

Age At Death: 33 years old

Place Of Death

Jacksonville, Flordia

Cause Of Death

She was killed in an accident during a rehearsal for an aerial show. Her plane nosed dived to the ground.

Favorite Quotation

" I know we had no aviators neither men nor woman, and I knew the race needed to be represented. So I thought it my duty to risk my life to term aviation avid to encourge flying among men and woman of our race..."

- Bessie Coleman

Other Information/ broken bones

When she was found and taken to the hospital they found out that she had alot of broken ribs and she had a broken leg.