Game review of the Iron pants game

Iron pants game

Game review of the Iron pants game

Iron pants is a muscleman whom the player needs to help, to get around the city dodging through obstacles coming his way. The hero flies with a high speed so the player needs to watch out as one plays the game. The trick is to click and hold, when you want Iron pants to reach up and release your finger to bring him down. The simple game is fun as Mr. Iron pants flies around the city with a goal of entertaining his fans and exciting them with challenges. A repetitive game which highly addicts it’s players to succeed in making their hero fly for the maximum time. The urge to succeed will make the players play again and again.

Flappy Bird fans needn’t get distressed as a similar version of the game: Iron pants game developed by Eduardas Klenaukis has started making news: rated as the second gamest global iTunes App Stores ‘free’ charts.

Game review

Despite being a similar version of the Flappy Bird, it is more challenging as it seems to be more difficult as to control Mr.Ironpants. He flies to high or low to hit to the obstruction hence, the game ends .I was hardly able to score 1 in the game. The number of failures annoyed me and I could not play for long. In spite of getting frustrated I would recommend people to play it once as it is for one who can take the challenge of playing it again and again till success is achieved. This game needs gamers to show their ‘iron skills’(as mentioned by its advertisement) to succeed. So pals try the game to show your hidden skills to master the game.

The graphics in the Iron pants game are not different from the Flappy Bird. It is a fun game which can keep you addictively busy for hours together. This game will be particularly be loved by school going kids : as the game suggests of making your Super Hero “Iron pants” fly across the city. The school going kids are crazy for Super hero characters and having one Iron pants in the game is an added advantage.

Iron pants game is a fantastic game to compete with your friends. The challenge never ends as new high scores are made .It feels awesome to make high scores with admiration pouring in from all friends. Hence an apt game for all ages. This game has achieved huge success in very less time. It has come as a savior game for many as the Flappy Bird was pulled off Application stores lately. This game is not for the people who are looking for high graphics and logic.

This simple and naughty game has already gathered a strong ,crazy fan following (of around 2.5k Face book likes) . The new players who would like to have guidance or tips from experts(users) of the game can get them at the url :, The gamers can post their queries as per their on this site.

The die-hard Flappy bird fans can now play their favorite game Flappy bird and also try the Iron pants game online and other games at the url :

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