Inclusive Practice Newsletter

Let's Make Connections; December 2019

What is the purpose of this Monthly Newsletter?

We want to provide you with specifics in what creating an inclusive classroom looks like. Each month we will focus on aspects of inclusive practice/UDL in order to bring greater awareness to staff as they prepare lessons to meet the needs of ALL students in their classrooms.

December Focus: Let's get connected

Making a connection for students regarding the lesson is extremely important. Students need to know what the focus of the lesson is and specifically, what they will need to do when the lesson is complete. Some people may call this a Mastery Objective or use the acronym SWBAT (students will be able to) to identify this for students. It is an expectation that all teachers will begin any instruction period by making a strong connection with students on what they should be able to do at the end of class. Paired with this should be some type of way to measure whether or not students have achieved the objective at the end of class.

What does this look like in practice.

Let's look at some exemplars from teachers in our school.

How does this relate to the teachers rubric or UDL standards?

MA DESE Teachers Rubric

I-A-3 Well-Structured Lessons

Adapts as needed and implements standards-based units comprised of well-structured lessons with challenging tasks and measurable outcomes, appropriate student engagement strategies, pacing, sequence, resources, and grouping; purposeful questioning; and strategic use of technology and digital media; such that students are able to learn knowledge and skills defined in state standards/local curricula.

UDL Guidelines: Engagement; Provide Options for sustaining effort and persistence

8.1 Heighten Salience of Goals and Objectives

Emerging: Build in reminders of both goals and their value. For example, write standards on the board and or at the top of assessments and projects.

Progressing toward expert: When given the learning standard, have students create personal goals for how they will learn the content, express the content, and challenge themselves

throughout the process.

Take a look at the UDL Flow Chart

If you are going to design a UDL lesson, the very first thing you need to focus on is having a clear goal aligned to state standards.

Take a look at this article outlining the benefits of learning objectives