Rookies Guide For EMS

The Essentials And More

Getting Started

Hey Fifth Graders! You ready for Middle School? You may be a little worried about, well, you know, MIDDLE SCHOOL. But don't worry, it's pretty simple once you get used to it. In Elementary, you probably had one or two classes a day. Here at East things are a bit different. We rotate days and have different classes every other day. Here is an East Schedule Example: 1A: Math 1B: Science

2A: Art 2B: Band


Encore (A 40 minute reading break)

4A: Choir 4B: Social Studies

As you can see, it may seem a little hard to remember. Luckily, we have a paper with our schedule, locker number, and combination.

Grade Houses

Luckily, unlike other schools, at East, we have all of our classes in the same general area.

. Orange House/ Sixth Grade House

. Teal House/ Seventh Grade House

. Green House/ Eighth Grade House

. Blue House/ N/A

Important Things

So, now that we have got the main stuff covered, there are some important thing's you need to know. First of all, each class is one hour and thirty five minutes, except for encore, which is forty minutes. You may be worried about getting to each of your classes on time. Don't worry, you have four minutes to get to each class.

Your Locker

This is probably one of the most important things. I bet your scared about your locker getting stuck, or maybe even getting shoved in a locker? Don't worry, that RARELY happens (I'm just joking) and opening your locker is simple. Your locker combination is three numbers. Lets say its 10, 11, 12. So First, you would spin twice to the left and land on 10 the third time. Then you would spin once to the right, and land on 11 the second time. Then spin to the left and land on 12 the first time. Its easy!
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You may be panicking because everybody keeps telling you Middle School is 5000 times harder then elementary. Don't worry, the chances are your fifth grade teacher probably covered what you need to know. And if not, your sixth grade teachers surely will.


Wondering how things work in the EMS cafeteria? Wonder no more! It's literally the same concept as Elementary, except you type your lunch number into a device and it charges your account. Some elementary schools probably already do that, anyways! Easy as pie!
(Top Row) Mr. Sexson The Principal, Officer Hershey the Police Officer, and Mr. Weaver the Vice Principal!

(Bottom Row) Mrs. Hardy the Art Teacher, Mrs. Patton the Reading Teacher, and Coach Pliler the Boys P.E. Teacher!