Animal Farm

By: Clayton Kimball

Novel Genres


This book is an allegory of the Russian Revolution. All of the animals in the book symbolize real people during the time of the Revolution. Also, the animals can be seen as any country or government with a dictator. A poem that can be related to a hidden image typically a moral of the story.

Animal fable

A fable that teaches lessons or explains things using animals. Animal Farm uses animals to explain the revolution.


Authors use this as humor to make fun of societies ad corrupt governments. The author makes fun of any government by saying it does not work.

Summaries of Chapters

Chapter One

1. The story starts off with Mr. Jones, the owner, walking drunk into the house.

2. All animals gather in the barn as Major says a rebellion needs to occur soon.

3. The animals learn the song "Beasts of England"

4. The animals begin to think of the revolution

Chapter Two

1. Days after the opening, Major dies.

2. Under leadership from the pigs they begin to prepare for the rebellion.

3. The rebellion sneaks up on them faster than expected

4. The pigs come up with Seven Commandments:

1. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.

2. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.

3. No animal shall wear clothes.

4. No animal shall sleep in a bed.

5. No animal shall drink alcohol.

6. No animal shall kill any other animal.

7. All animals are equal.|CX3124800012&docType=GALE

Chapter Three

1. There is a time where everything goes great on the farm work and all.

2. They have weekly planning meetings in the bar.

3. Snowball puts the commandments into smaller words because not everyone could read

4. One day the milk disappears

Chapter Four

1. The word of the rebellion spreads like wildfire to other animals

2. Mr. Jones's neighbors try and take back the farm by force

3. Animals from far away begin singing"Beasts of England"

4. Led by Snowball they fight off invaders in the Battle of Cowshed

Chapter Five

1. Snowball and Napoleon fight countless times over what policies to have

2. Napoleon says animals should focus on food

3. The dogs chase Snowball form the farm

4. they decide to build the windmill and say it was Napoleon's idea the whole time

Chapter Six

1. The animals work keeps increasing

2. Napoleon sets up the neighboring farms for trade

3. The pigs begin sleeping in the house

4. The windmill is knocked down due to storm and is blamed on Snowball.

Chapter Seven

1. rumors start that Snowball comes to the farm at night causing mischief

2. Napoleon starts an investigation

3. a meeting is held to confess about Snowball

4. All the animals that say something are ripped up by the dogs

Chapter Eight

1. The animals become suspicious about the killing commandment but it was changed

2. The animals do not like either of the farmers Napoleon wants to trade with

3. Frederick is declared an enemy of the farm

4. Frederick gives Napoleon fake money

Chapter Nine

1. That winter the rations on the farm increasingly begin to reduce

2. Boxer gets ill

3. Napoleon lies and send Boxer to a slaughter house instead of a hospital

4. Squealer lies and calms them down

Chapter Ten

1. As the years pass, their lives get harder

2. Though no animal is ruled by a human

3. All the commandments are erased

4. The name is changed back to Manor Farm and there is only one commandment left.



a young pig who represents Leon Trotsky. Snowball comes up with the windmill and is then run off


Napoleon is a pig who pretty much takes over the animal farm. He is an utterly corrupt opportunist. He never makes even one contribution to the revolution. He represents some of the political tyrants in government systems.

Old Major

Old Major represents Karl Marx and he was the leader at the beginning.


Mollie is a white horse on the farm and represents people who care more about material things than their freedom.


Ben is an old donkey who sees the corruption in the government. He represents intellectual ones involved in government.


Boxer is a cart horse who accepts his role and will work no matter what. He represents a low class worker.


Clover is a motherly, middle class worker.


Moses is a tamed raven of Mr. Jones'. He represents organized religions.


Squealer is a small pig who is quite large. Squealer lies a lot for Napoleon to calm the animals down.Squealer represents things as the Soviet party newspaper.


Muriel represents one of George's actual pets on his farm. It is an old white goat.

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones was the neglectful, alcoholic owner of the Manor Farm. He represents Russia's last Czar.

Mr. Frederick

Mr. Fred was based off of Germany as Russia's neighbor and he also is represented as Hitler.

Mr. Pilkington

He represents England and runs his own neighboring farm.

Mr. Whymper

He is an attorney and is in the middle of the war between.


They are all on a band wagon with whatever goes on. They speak as a group.


The dogs are Napoleon's attack dogs or police force, or his army.


Twelve ducks were raised on the farm from babies. I do not know what they represent.