SPHS Junior Civitans Newsletter

JOIN our Junior Civitans Club and our SeeSAW Page

Subject: Join our Seesaw Class Junior Civitans

Hi Students,

This year we’re going to use Seesaw to share our learning. Please join our class Junior Civitans today!

If you’re using Seesaw for the first time:

  1. Go to app.seesaw.me
  2. Choose "I’m a Student"
  3. Type in the code: ZJQK MEIL. This code expires on November 18, 2020
  4. Finish creating your account using your school Google account or email address

If you’ve used Seesaw before and have an account:

  1. Go to app.seesaw.me
  2. Choose "I’m a Student"
  3. Sign in using your school Google account or email address
  4. Click on your profile icon on the top left
  5. Click on the +Join Class button
  6. Type in the code: ZJQK MEIL. This code expires on November 18, 2020

I’m excited to share our community involvement in Seesaw this year!

Allyson Watson



Welcome BACK! This year has been chaotic and unusual but we are still going to have a wonderful year of SPHS Junior Civitans Club fellowship and community involvement! It is important that you join our Junior Civitans SeeSaw page so that we can keep everyone updated and involved in all the opportunities that are happening in our club and around us in our community! See all the updates below for information that will help you throughout this club year!


Congratulations Ava Baker, Hannah Austin, our club president and vice president respectively!


PAYS DUES ASAP! FINAL DAY IS Dec 4th!!! No exceptions!

DUES NEED TO BE PAID BY ALL MEMBERS BY NOV 30th! Seniors that wish to have a cord and will participate in all point opportunities this year need to also pay for a cord.

Please visit the online payment system at the following site in order to pay dues and cord money! Again, the deadline is Nov 30th! All money is accepted only through the e-payment system!




Dec 3rd/4th- We will discuss our stock the fridge obligation for a community activity next week! PLEASE attend a meeting and see the signup genius below to bring items for the fridge and pantry area!


The meeting on Dec 10th/11th at 8:00 am is for all face to face students in room B-102 (Mrs. Watson's Room)! We will be collecting toys for the "Toys for Tots" program around our community. Please bring 5 small toys (coloring books, figurines, etc. 3 pts a piece) .) or 3 larger toys ( remote control cars, scrapbook kits, etc. 5 pts apiece.) for the full 15 points. If you are unable to drop off or are a virtual student you can visit our meeting on ZOOM through the following link and can take a picture of your toys and drop off at a "Toys for Tots" site and submit your picture on our SeeSaw page! (see instructions to log in above)


Allyson Watson is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Junior Civitans

Time: Dec 3/4 and 10/11, 2020 08:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 768 437 9190

Passcode: ion


UPCOMING ITEMS/ Requirements 2020-2021

January 27th/28th- next meeting and Valentine's Day Card Making!! More details to come!

3 Community Activities- This year we are asking for all members to participate in our two drives (Toys for Tots and St. Jude's Valentines)! In addition to those two drives, we are asking that each member participate in 3 other community opportunities! You can take a picture of you volunteering, participating, etc.. and can submit on our SeeSaw page! I will have more information on helping our community stock the "Fridge" in the month of December and will also take "Wishes for Winter" participation (angels, etc..) and community hours! Please just take a picture of what you are doing in order to get credit!


In order to be eligible for a cord during your Senior year, you must fulfill all points requirements! This year we are offering 15 points for each drive/community involvement for a total of 75 points! If you are unable to participate in a drive then you can replace a missed "drive" with another community opportunity. Seniors that are first time Junior Civitans need to make sure they fulfill 120 points in order to get a cord which would mean you would need to bring more items or participate in 3 extra community opportunities. If you have any questions, please reach out!