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Kilgore Intermediate School October 16, 2015

KIS PLC Agenda for Next Week...

Planning Day

5th Grade Math: Prime and Composite, Equivalent Fractions (5.4A, 5.3H*)

5th Grade ELAR:

  • Reading: Text Organization (5.11C)
  • Writing: No TEKS Listed on Scope and Sequence
  • SS: Ch. 5 The American Revolution - SS Textbook (5.2C, 5.3A, 5.15C, 5.16A, 5.20A)

5th Grade Science: Force and Motion (5.6D*, 3.6B-C, 4.6D)

4th Grade ELAR:

  • Reading: Summarize-Informational Text (Fig. 19E)
  • Writing: Overused Words Buried
  • Social Studies: Indian Projects/Catch-Up (4.21A, 4.21C)

4th Grade Math:

  • Math: Multiplication - 2 digit X 2 digit, Standard Algorithm (4.4D, 4.4H*)
  • Science: Properties of Soil - Unit C Ch. 5 Lesson 1 (4.5A, 4.7A*)

Data Day

Review Campus Plan with Mrs. Slayter

Review Lead4ward Accountability 2015 Information

Review Questioning Strategy

Please Note:

Tuesday - We will review all data during our PLC time. Several 4th and 5th grade science teachers and I are attending a Science vocabulary session at Region 7 on Thursday. It should not take the entire hour for those wanting to also plan on Tuesday.

Thursday - Science Vocabulary Session at Region 7

Friday - Common Grade for 4th Grade ELAR (2A-B and 6A-B) and 5th Grade Math (2B, 3E, 3G, 3K) 5th Grade Science should also have given a Common Grade this week for 5A.

***We will plan to review Common Grade data for 5th Grade Math and Science on Tuesday, October, 27th and for 4th Grade ELAR on Thursday, October 29th.

Fall Benchmark Window

Fall Benchmarks are scheduled to be given between November 2nd and November 19th.

At this time, the following dates have been scheduled.

5th Grade ELAR - November 13th

5th Grade Science - November 19th

4th Grade Math - November 11th

We will need to determine a date for 4th Grade ELAR and 5th Grade Math on Tuesday during our PLC time.

More information will follow soon regarding benchmark testing.

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