Lane Smith


Lane Smith

Lane Smith is a children's book illustrator and to make his illustrations he uses ink pen and colored pencils. He had a great child hood. He spent a lot of time with his brother building forts, watching Monsters Inc. and spending his favorite time of the year with him Fall. He loves Halloween and him and his brother Shane loved to read scary stories together. They lived in the foothills which had a lot of desert like things like tumbleweeds which would blow around in the breese. The book THE BIG PETS is a memory about that moment in his childhood. Years later Lane Smith began to work at Disney as a janitor for 5 years. He later then graduated at B.F.A. for illustration, moved to the Big Aplle to work as a illustrator. He worked with airbrush, dyes and even egg tempera. Lane Smith is a good illustrator and he is very creative. I was excited to that I picked Lane Smith because he is actually alot more interesting than i thought! That is my project on Lane Smith.

Where/when was Lane Smith born

He was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on August 25, 1959.

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