You Versus Your Brain

Can emotions effect learning?

Is your emotional state effect your learning?

It's been scientifically proven that a persons physical and mental well being can effect their ability to learn. A negative emotional state could cause you to not be able to learn as efficiently as could if you were in a more positive emotional state. Each brain is unique, the brains structure is actually changed by learning. If more people knew that stress and anger can impact your education, then maybe it will make schools a more positive learning environment.

A message from your brain

Dear; Dylan

Typically I'd be up to the task of anything, it's just that I've had a lot of things to think about lately. So really the point of this letter is to inform you why you've been so stressed lately. This stress is causing you not to focus while in school, which leads you to getting lower grades then you should be getting. You emotions will effect your school work, so try to be more positive and don't involve yourself with unnecessary drama.

Sincerely; Your Brain

This letter is directed to me, my brain is trying to explain why my grades drop when i am in a negative emotional state. High stress levels or anger are the two most popular negative emotional states to have while in school. Your brain is to busy thinking about the situations that made you mad or stress instead of focusing on other things.

What is perfect emotional health?

To qualify to be in perfect emotional health your required to be aware of your current thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. You would also be able to identify how to cope with stress and problems that you'll face not only while learning but in life. In my opinion I believe that nobody can truly block out all negative thoughts and feelings and that might be the reason of some kids not doing well school. But if you can maintain a good or okay emotional health I would think they would mostly be really intelligent. If you look at in the point of view that I am then you would realize that nobody is perfect and regulating your emotions are not easy but over time you can improve your emotional health to a point that you'll be able to focus more on learning.
Controlling Emotions: A Lesson from Angry Birds

How is the video relate to school?

In the video we learned that it's a choice to be angry or not, and only you can choose whether your angry or not. So if your in school and your struggling to focus on your school work because your angry or your sad just remember that you can regulate emotions if you choose to do so.