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April 25, 2019

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Principal's Corner

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This will be the last school newsletter of the year. Please don't let that fool you because we have so much left to do! Before looking ahead, I wish to look back and thank our community for being such strong supporters of our 10 Buck Challenge. Thank you to Ms. Keenan for bringing another wonderful way for our students to learn about helping people across the world. Our students were able to learn that through the small efforts of many, we can make an amazing impact in the lives of others. We were able to provide sight to 400 people! Thank you to our students, staff, and parents that financially supported our efforts. Thank you to Mrs. Geye for organizing our dance event and Mrs. Lennon for organizing our spirit wear sales. There were numerous people involved as always, and I can't thank everyone individually, but please know your efforts continue to exemplify Carpenter as the Little School with the Big Heart! Onahan has expressed thanks for our support of their school after their fire. Lastly, we are well on our way to meeting our goal for Bernie's Books.

In this coming month, as I tell our students, we will be teaching and learning until Tuesday, June 4th, 3:30 p.m. Besides our daily instruction, we have our spring assessments to complete. MAP for 2nd-5th graders will take place the week of May 6th. We have a chorus concert, we'll be visited by the middle school band/orchestra, as well as a choral show. There are several field trips planned across the grade levels. The PTO has several events planned as well. We have field day, 5th grade party, and our annual talent show. So, we'll just take it day by day for now.

May doesn't lend itself to a great theme month like "March Manners" or "April Attitudes." However, what it does do is provide us the opportunity for reflection in many ways and therefore it is fitting for it to be "APPRECIATE MAY." Over this month at Carpenter, our staff are recognized and appreciated for their work. We recognize and appreciate our volunteers. It is also important to reflect on our year and appreciate the work that we've all done as a community. We've supported families in need in our own community and others. Looking back, as educators, families, and students, we should appreciate all of our work and effort to support our children's learning. Whether it be academic, social, or emotional, we've all worked together to help our students grow and learn. Our students should appreciate their own efforts and goal-setting, as well as appreciate those around them who have helped them meet their goals. "Appreciate May" also provides us the opportunity to say thank you and appreciate others around us; it is grounded in another aspect of Respect. Looking back on our themes of the year, we started with "So Kind September." Appreciating the efforts of those who helped us is a great way to start and end the year by demonstrating how we as a community value Respect. Encourage your children to continue to use their manners to say "Thank you," compliment others, and demonstrate appreciation. Encourage your children to continue to maintain positive attitudes and appreciate the gifts that they've been given, both within themselves and in the people around them that care and support their growth.

Even though when you likely read this, we still have over five weeks left in school, I want to wish you a terrific summer! Enjoy the time to rejuvenate, get outside, and spend time with friends and family. Please continue to encourage your children to exercise and play. Continue to read and practice math facts. Encourage their imagination and inquiry. For our families not returning to Carpenter and our 5th Grade parents, once a Carpenter Family, always a Carpenter Family. We are honored to have been a part of your child's educational career and a partner to you in their learning.


Mr. Brett Balduf, Principal

Carpenter Elementary School

D64 Special Olympics 2019 Team

Come out to cheer our D64 Special Olympics 2019 Team!

D64 families and staff are invited to come and cheer for our D64 Special Olympics Team on Sunday, May 5, 2019. Opening ceremonies for the Track and Field Spring Games begin at 8:00 a.m.; competition events begin at 9:00 a.m. outdoors (on/around the track) at Prospect High School, 801 W. Kensington Rd., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056.

This year, D64’s team boasts seven students representing our two middle schools -- Emerson and Lincoln -- along with Field and Roosevelt. District 64 is very excited to offer our students the opportunity to participate and train as a team with their peers as part of the D64 Special Olympics Team. Our focus is not only to improve students’ physical skills, but also teach the athletes about competition, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

Special Olympics is an organization that provides year-round athletic competitions, which encourages the athletes to demonstrate courage, develop physical fitness, and experience joy while sharing their skills. Special Olympics focuses on athletes’ abilities with the goal of fostering a sense of community among the athletes.

Please show your proud support for our D64 team!

ABC Countdown

We thought we'd have a little fun and have an ABC Countdown for the remaining 26 days of school, starting Monday, April 29th. The days are designed to not create challenges at home or a significant disruption in our learning day. The calendar is shared below. Please realize that the days are optional, we just thought we'd have a little theme or activity a day. Since this is new and sometimes challenging to create days that are applicable and successful across K-5th grade, we are also providing our teachers with some latitude to manage the days in their classrooms based on instructional activities that they may have planned, as to not have unintended distractions/disruptions in our approach to try to do something school-wide. As always, we like to try things out to see how they work and evaluate if it is something we should keep, edit, or delete. Feel free to have your child do these activities at home as well. They most certainly can write someone an appreciative note, write and say kind things to someone else, or show you a recent dance they've learned.
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Nice Weather, NO Dog-Walking Reminder

As the weather warms up, I want to give my regular reminder to please not bring dogs onto the property. You can also help us remind community members not to have dogs out in our field on weekends/nights without cleaning up after them, it makes for a frustrating recess when our students are out playing.


Have you ever noticed that the words GRATITUDE & ATTITUDE are connected? We often wonder as social workers, therapists and educators, where does our attitude come from? Is it our thoughts, biology, environment, personality?

There is some research that supports that our thoughts are within our control, and there is some research that our thoughts are not as much in our control as we want them to be.

One thing is for sure - we have control of our attitude. Here are a few tips that connect our THOUGHTS with our ATTITUDE and this leads to GRATITUDE.

1. Learn to stop and ask yourself if your thought is helping you or hindering your attitude.

2. Identify what is a negative emotion and if this is changing your attitude about yourself or a situation.

3. Write down your thoughts, negative or positive. Then reflect on them at a later date.

4. How truthful are these thoughts...for example..."I am the worst on the team/in the class."

5. Stay present.

When we practice our awareness of thoughts and gain insight as to what we can control, our ATTITUDE can CHANGE.

This leads to GRATITUDE!

5th Graders Field Trip to Feed my Starving Children = Great Results!

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