Ancient Egyptians

BY: Katie, Amya, Osaze, Ha Za, Jullian

Summary about Ancient Egyptians

The Ancient Egyptians lived next to the Nile river. They Nile river is the longest river in the world "4,000 mile". There clothing was so different to ares these days.They were able to grow good crops for food because of the flood every year the soil would be moist after the flood.Their tools and such were also very different from now which also may have affected what Egyptians do or call things now.

Ha Za Da Be, Geographer

Were was your civilization

located in the world.

Egypt is in Africa.

Egypt is North of Mediterranean sea.

East of Egypt is Red Sea.

South of Egypt is Sudan.

West of Egypt is Libya.

How did geography lead to their success as a civilization?

The villages and towns around the Nile River they used salt and chemicals people have lived along the banks of the Nile River for at least 5,000 years. The Nile river help them

go to ples to ples .They drink from the Nile River and they use the water to grow crops. They grow grapes, cucumbers, grains,vegetables, flax, wheat, barley. They were fishers,farmers, and hunters.

They were lucky because the land lat them grow crops. Because the desert save them from the Sudan people and from the Libya people too protection.

Katie Macdonald-Anthropologist

The Ancient Egyptians their religious, social and behavioral patterns of Ancient Egyptians, are for people that died they would part of there religion, was they had to put food and water next to the people who died graves. People of the ancient Egyptians believed that god was always by their side.The Ancient Egyptians were advanced, because they were possibly the first civilization to learn scientific arts. Some of the things the Egyptians learned were math, art. reading, science. According to scientist that a lot of the Egyptians could not read. Somethings that were important to the Egyptians were that god was always by there side. Example of some gods: Shu-god was the air god this god gave them air to breath. There are so many gods they were so important. because of gods helped them throw life to get threw hard things and bad things.

Amya Smith-Archaeologist

The Ancient Egyptians used alot of different tools for example:they used clay pots as a decoration.As a part to make the clay pot they would use a special metal rod.they also used a different type of writing called script it was also apart of their religion - until it suddenly vanished. The main types and most well-known types of script were:Scribe,Hieratic script,and Demotic script.Script is what looks to us as just pictures is some what what their writing looks like but means alot of things like how some of the different words have the same beginnings but a different end.That is called a sense sign for example:these symbols could mean boat or taste but with it would mean ox tongue or taste and with it would mean boat.Also what your job was affected the way you lived so use a farmer and a nobleman as an example: A nobleman would wake up in fine linen sheets and would look around and see a servant.After he gets up his servant would help him shave and get dressed.Meanwhile a farmer would wake up in coarse linen sheets his wife made for him.He would also get up and shave by himself.Another way to show how lives were different is their wives.Their wives also had a difference and you could tell because of the things they use which also is kind of different from the things that we do now.Such as makeup like a nobleman's wife would put on kohl which is what we call makeup.And a farmer's wife would put on no kohl because they can't afford it.Another thing such as clothing their clothing if they were not loyalty would be made out of linen.Which they also use to make sheets.

Osaze Idiagbonya- Historian

In the article, you will learn about the history of ancient Egypt. Egypt developed because the Nile River gave the people fertile land for farming. The other things they used the Nile River for was protection, fishing, and trading which expanded this civilization. Around 2050 BC Egypt was in the middle kingdom era. After a long struggle, the upper and lower kingdoms united. During the middle kingdom pharaohs wanted to seem like a leader not a god. Also during the middle kingdom pharoahs were not as powerful as before. The ancient Egyptian civilization lasted for thousands of years, but eventually the civilization fell because of these reasons: corruption of power, economic inequity, small army, over use of land, and paying for the military was expensive.