Never Give Up !

Against Alien & Sedition Acts .

Why I'm Angry !

Just so the citizens wouldn't be quite , they released the Alien & Sedition Act .

Meaning any person from a foreign country immigrants , to become a citizen waited 4 to 15 years . The Sedition act took you to jail for writing or saying anything wrong about the government .

More Explanation .

With the Alien & Sedition Acts , clamped down the Freedom of Speech .

Half of the Democratic Newspaper were actually part of the 2 acts .

10 were charged with expressing their opinions to the government .

Why I'm Angry 2 !

These acts are not fair , not at all . & Adams really passed this act . It shows Americas bad colors . They came to America for a good reason , not to be thrown in jail because they shared their important opinion & they're too sensitive , immigrants need to be treated wayyyy better than what they are being treated .

Dear immigrants , it's going to be okay .

Immigrants , it's okay . Change is going to come sooner or later . . .