Wilson's Weekly

Oct. 8-12, 2018


Monday, the students will be introduced to 2 approaches to solving division problems. One approach requires sharing items while the other approach suggests grouping the objects. Tuesday, they'll again practice solving both types of division problems. Wednesday, the students will take their Division Post-Test. Thursday, we will review key words that signify whether we should use multiplication or division to solve a word problem. Friday, the students will take their post-test over multiplication & division word problems.


Monday, we will be relating what we're reading to events that we've heard about on the news or making text to world connections. Tuesday & Wednesday, we will discuss story elements found in fiction stories: characters, setting, problem, solution, & plot. Thursday & Friday, we'll examine several nonfiction text features (diagrams, glossary, captions, etc.) and discuss their purpose.

Writing & Capitalization

Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday, I will model for the students how to take 3 important events that occur in their narrative and expand their writing. They'll be adding in lots of details by using their senses and describing their thoughts & feelings. Thursday, we will look at various ways to wrap up with a strong conclusion - share an intense feeling, create a circular ending, offer a word of advice, give a hope for the future, or leave readers with a memory. Friday, the students will compose their conclusion paragraph.

This week, we will not begin a new Spelling unit. Instead, we will begin a unit on Capitalization. Throughout this unit, we will use MINTS (Months, I - the pronoun, Names, Titles, Sentence Starters) to help us recall what words need to be capitalized.

Social Studies

Monday, the students will use the 4 cardinal directions to explain which direction they would travel to arrive at a specific location. Tuesday, we'll learn how to use a map scale to find the actual distance between two places. Wednesday, the students will learn how to use ordered pairs on a grid. Thursday, we'll practice using latitude & longitude to find a specific city.

Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday, Oct. 10 - Garden Club 4:15p.m.
  • Thursday, Oct. 11 - PTA Skate Night 6-8p.m.
  • Friday, Oct. 12 - Fire Safety Presentation 11:05-11:55a.m.
  • Friday, Oct. 12 - Marble Party Celebration - a movie & popcorn 2:50-3:45p.m.