Wilson's Weekly

Oct. 9-13, 2017


Monday, the students will solve 3 digit subtraction story problems. Tuesday, they'll take the Addition & Subtraction Post-Test. Wednesday, we will move onto a new unit - Graphing. We'll begin by taking information found in a tally chart and convert it over into a frequency table. Thursday & Friday, the students will learn how to read & create a pictograph or picture graph.


Monday & Tuesday, we will be talking about both positive and negative personality traits. We will match these personality traits with characters found in Disney movies. Wednesday, we'll read the book, Thank You, Mr. Falker and then discuss both the physical & personality traits of the characters. We will practice supporting our thinking with evidence from the text. Thursday, we will read Bubba & Trixie. The students will once again describe the characters' physical & personality traits along with providing evidence to support their thinking. Friday, we'll discover how illustrations can help us better understand the mood of a story.

Writing & Spelling

Monday, we'll discuss the difference between reporting & storytelling. Tuesday, I will model how to use a web to map out the beginning, middle, & end of a narrative. Wednesday, the students will map out their own narrative & then write their "small moment" story. Thursday, they'll try out different leads to see which one works best to start off their narrative. Friday, they will spend time adding vivid details to the heart of their story to make their rough draft more descriptive.

In Spelling, we will work with words that have long vowels with the vowel-consonant-e pattern, rhyming words, analogies, inferences, and friendly letters.

Social Studies

Monday, the students will use the 4 cardinal directions to explain which direction they would travel to arrive at a specific location. Tuesday, we'll learn how to use a map scale to find the actual distance between two places. Wednesday, the students will practice using latitude & longitude to find a specific city. Thursday & Friday, they will use what they have learned to create a map.

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday, Oct. 10 - Art Club 4:15p.m.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 11 - Garden Club 4:10p.m.
  • Thursday, Oct. 12 - Lego Club 8-9a.m.
  • Thursday, Oct. 12 - PTA Skate Night 6-8p.m.
  • Friday, Oct. 13 - Specials Free Day & GKC Reading Celebration
  • Friday, Oct. 13 - End of 1st Quarter