G2 Expedition

Singapore Zoo, January 14th-15th.

All in bed, most tents asleep

Phew, it's been a busy day. We've just finished the bedtime routine and the tents are settling down for the night, the children are very tired after the Night Safari.

We have been around the zoo several times today seeing many of the animals, hearing lots of the behind the scenes secrets of zoo life. We have also had a few mini lectures on animal classification and life cycles, very useful for our studies back in school.

The meals have been warmly received, with seconds and some thirds served. All the children have eaten well.

We have not had any issues at all today so please rest well tonight, everything is fine.

We are off to the hospital, kitchen and reptile house tomorrow after an early breakfast. It's lovely having the zoo all to ourselves tonight, we all feel very privileged.

See you all tomorrow at just after midday or so at the High School fountain. Don't forget that the children will need to go home at that time.

Staff are on duty throughout the night, the Education team are here with us and the night patrol are also on duty around our perimeter.

With best wishes from

The Expedition Team