Mickala Stoff

8th Grade Computer Lit

My Family and Friends

I have a wonderful family. They are fun and entertaining. We are always on the go. We have annoying times together and fun times together. I have a few friends who I love to hang out with. I have two dogs and they both are American Bulldogs.

School Updates

In school, I like all classes. I really like Social Studies and English though. I English I get to write about things and I get to learn more on how to become a better writer. In Social Studies, I get to become a better historian knowing different things about the United States past.

Hobbies/ interests

I like to play volleyball and run track on my free time. I do my homework and chores before I run or play volleyball. I like to write and read to get a better knowledge of many things that can possibly happen in the world.

Career Day

I am so excited for Career Day on Thursday. I get to go around the school to see what jobs I'd like to be interested in when I'm older.

Current Grades

At the end of third quarter, I ended up with a 3.85 GPA. I had 6 A's and 1 B.