A BIG purchase for an HCA Student

Using funds from FundingFactory

FundingFactory - Ink Cartridge Recycle

I am sure you are wondering what HCA has been purchasing with the money earned from your used ink cartridges. Among classroom supplies and microscopes for science and chemistry, HCA recently made a big purchase for one of our students.

Mr. Tully, high school art teacher, asked me last semester if we could raise enough money to purchase a pair of EnChorma glasses for one of his students who is severely color blind. The glasses are over $300. Because of your donations, we were able to make the purchase for this student.

Let me tell you a story of the student who is in Mr. Tully's art class. This student is color blind, his parents and friends knew but didn't think too much about how it affects his world. Mr. Tully recognized that his color blindness is so extreme he wanted to help this student see all the colors that God has for us to see every day, colors that we see and take for granted.

This young man, a sophomore is Dawson Schoening. Yes, he is my son. You can imagine the emotion I had when Mr. Tully said this purchase is for Dawson.

As a teacher at HCA, I want to say thank you Parents for continuing to send in your empty ink cartridges. Some of you I know ask your neighbors and family members to help. As a parent, it touches my heart that a teacher and school cared enough to reach out to help a student.

We are truly blessed to be at HCA. Thank you Mr. Tully, thank you parents, and thank you HCA.