Bill Clinton impeachment and Terms

By: Mike the Man and Figgy Newton

Clinton's Election

The 42nd president of the United States of America was Bill Clinton. he served from 1993-2001. He was governor of his home state of Arkansas. During his time in the office America enjoyed a time of peace and prosperity. He addressed problems such as unemployment, crime, and a budget surplus.
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"New Democrat"

Bill Clinton was the single democrat that ran and was mostly identified with the "new" democrats. His promise of the welfare reform in 1992 campaign, was subsequent a enactment.

Clinton's impeachment

November 1995

Clinton began an affair with 21 year old unpaid intern Monica Lewinsky. Their sexual affairs lasted for about a year and a half. The two had twelve sexual encounters in the white house.

Monica Lewinsky Transfer

Monica Lewinsky was transferred to the Pentagon in April 1966. After being there she started sharing about Clinton and Her's affair. Her co-worker Linda Tripp started recording the conversations that Lewinsky was talking about her affair with Clinton.

Trial for the President

in December, lawyers for Paula Jones started suing the president for sexual harassment charges. in January 1998 Lewinsky filed an affidavit saying that she never had any sexual relationships with Bill Clinton.
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Court Date August 17

Clinton appeared in court on August 17 and for four hours they discusses the matter at hand. afterwards Clinton did a short televised session where he talked to the people about what happened. He admitted to having a sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky.
Bill Clinton apologizing for his affair with Monica Lewinsky

Clinton's apology speech

Personally Bill Clinton only apologized to make himself look better. I think that if Bill was really sorry he wouldn't have done it in the first place. He is a married man and for him to disrespect that marriage proves to me that he isn't truly sorry.

Oklahoma City Bombings

9:02 am, downtown Oklahoma City outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal buildings north wall. the powerful explosion blew the wall and emergency crews raced to the scene. two weeks later the death count was 168. The men behind this act were Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. Timothy was executed for his crimes and McVeigh was sentenced to life in prison.
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Clinton's Impeachment

on February 12, the senate voted on whether to remove Clinton from office or not. the prosecution needed a two thirds majority but struggled to get a bare majority. 45 democrats and 10 republicans voted not guilty in the first charge of perjury. on the charge of obstruction of justice the senate was split down the middle 50-50. President said he was "Profoundly Sorry" for the burden of his actions.
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