Unit 1:Area and Perimiter

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Unit 1.1

In this sub-unit, you will refresh on common formulas of area and learn several more including finding the area of triangles, circles, and trapezoids.

Lets Begin

Lets talk about what we all ready know about area. Area is the amount of space inside a 2-D figure. To find area, each shape has its own formula. For example, to find the area or a rectangle or square, you would uses the formula (L)x(W)=A. If L=2 and W=3, then 3x2=6, which is the area of the square of rectangle. Area can be very useful when trying to find out how much carpet is needed for one room or how much paint you will need to paint a wall.

Turning the Gears Again

Lets get back into the habit of finding area. Solve the following questions and remember, to find the area of a square, the formula is (S)x(S)=A, and to find the area of a rectangle, the formula is (L)x(W)=A.

1. John needs to paint a wall in his house. The wall has a length of 14 feet and a width of 9 feet. 1 square foot of paint equals 2 dollars. How much paint will he need? How much will it cost?

2. Miller Carpet's is installing a carpet in a customers living room. The customer told him that each wall is 20 feet long. How much carpet dose Miller Carpet's need for the installation?

2a. If every square foot of carpet cost 10 dollars, how much would the installation cost?

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