Career Management

Ways I Like To Learn, My Career Interests, and Relations

How I Like to Learn

  • (Linguistic)I tend to have an understanding ability, giving me the ability to come up with logical arguments. Which helps me to understand things and solve things in my learning processes.
  • (Intrapersonal)I also love self-expression, giving me the ability to reflect on/express myself freely, whether it's my mood, intuition, or temperament. I love using this in a way of learning because it helps me learn more about myself as well as the subject I am studying/learning.
  • (Interpersonal) I love clear communication as well as organized work, because it helps me learn easier and get work done faster.
  • (Spatial) I love being able to be imaginative with my ideas and to present them in an imaginative, expressive form.

Career Choices

I am very interested in three main careers. The three careers I am interested are listed below, along with why I am interested and think I would meet the criteria for these careers.

  1. Lawyer- I am very good at debating, as well as conducting logical solutions for arguments.
  2. Paralegal- I am great at sorting things out, as well as doing things fast and working for people.
  3. Psychologist- I am great at interpreting people based off emotions. Also, I am great at using self-examination to for concepts and theories about other things.

My career goals at the current time would include:

  • A high-paying job that I enjoy.
  • A job with a good schedule.
  • If possible, a job that requires auditory as well as visual learning skills.
  • Finally, a job that I am content with, that isn't far from home, and that my personality characteristics meet.

These jobs and my personality characteristics relate very well to these career goals. There are many jobs in law in Davidson County, I'm not too familiar with psychology jobs in Davidson County but I am sure they are there, and many jobs that paralegals are needed in.

How All This Relates to Me:

All of this relates to me in two main ways.

1. My career goals meet my career choices/interests.

2. My personality characteristics, overall, meet my career choices/interests.

My personality characteristics mainly resulted as intrapersonal. I think a job in psychology would be great for me, though I am interested in Law as well but my results in psychology show that I would do better in that field, as an intrapersonal learner, because of the ability it requires to read people, read oneself, and express oneself. Also, this job is a job I would be content with as well as, usually, a high-paying job. The schedule isn't too bad for this job as well. Finally, most importantly, this job mainly requires auditory, hearing and learning about people, and visual, seeing people's emotions, skill.