WANTED...Dead or Alive


1,000,000 REWARD


  • For killing 6,000,000 jews in concentration camps
  • For breaking the treaty of versailles
  • For the killing of millions of soilders
  • For starting the war in the first place
  • For creating the nazi party

Hitlers Beliefs

Hitler believed that the jews were responsible for all the money that Germany had to pay after world war 1. He also hated every race of people accept the white or "Arian" should be killed. He believed in survival of the fittest. He believed that all germans should be brought together in to something called Greater Germany. He believed that he should rule the world

Background on Hitler

Adolf Hitler was originally just a politician. Then after world war 1 he became head of the military. From there he created the nazi party. The nazi party was a political group. Then hitler was elected for President of Germany.

Adolf Hitler fought in world war 1. Then he started world war 2 because of his hate of jews. From there almost every country join the allies and fought against germany. By the end of the war germany had lost the war and Hitler committed suicide.