How to be responsible


Take Action

In this respect, his action is not voluntary, since he does not knowingly do anything wrong.

By contrast, if he is morally responsible for doing something commendable, it can be said that his action is praiseworthy.

If a person fails to observe the moral laws, by killing another person, for example, he may then be held morally responsible for this action.

Use of Force

Non-rational creatures carry it out necessarily, guided as they are by natural forces.

It suggests that any given action, and even a person's character, are the result of various forces outside that person's control.

Aquinas holds that in killing in self-defense, the death of one's assailant will be unintended even if it is foreseen, so long as one intends only to use force necessary to save oneself.

Be a Good Citizen

Senior citizens must have minimum essential coverage or qualify for an exemption for each month in a calendar year.

Are senior citizens subject to the individual shared responsibility provision?

One exemption that may be particularly relevant to U.S. citizens living abroad for a small part of a year is the exemption for a short coverage gap.