Mobile Apps for the Classroom

What are they and how do we use them?


Pinterest is a free app where you share "pins" with everyone. These pins can be anything- homework updates, studying tips, even links to useful websites for projects. It is very easy to use, and free for everyone. Students who have an account can "follow" you and see everything you pin. You can create specific "boards" for different subjects, or even different grades. Pinterest is also easily accessible for parents who may wish to see what your class is working on, and is available either in a mobile app, or on the website


Quizlet is a free flashcard site. Teachers can create their own flashcards for students, or use pre-set ones already in the app. It is simple to use, and is applicable for any subject at any grade level.


Prezi is a free presentation-making app. You can create your own presentations with the layout of a mind-map to show interconnections between subjects and ideas. This is a useful application for both students and teachers, and is simple to use. Students could make a presentation in lieu of the obligatory book report, and teachers can use it to showcase any subject matter they choose.


Glogster is a poster-making app, where both students and teachers can create and share posters and infographics. It is easy to use, and easy to share or print out your posters. This could be used for any subject at any grade level.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram alpha is a free app for answering questions on just about anything. Type in your question, hit enter and you'll get an answer. This could be a useful tool to help students with homework, studying, or just general curiosity. From math equations to anatomy, this app has it all, and is super easy to use.