By: Andrew McCloskey

Dark Times

When people hear the name chernobyl they think about radioactivity, nuclear explosions,zombies, death and decay,but before the "incident" chernobyl was a beautiful place thriving with 49,000 residents! Until one day... April 26, 1926 1:23 A.M. the workers at the power plant were doing some tests on reactor number 4. They put a flaming hot rod in the freezing water, steam flies into the air and the system starts to overheat. they go to switch to the backup generator, but it has overheated too. Unweary what to do the system workers start panicking. Then it happens BOOM! the top of reactor number 4 goes flying in to the air and tons after tons of radioactive waste go into the air in the water and into people's lungs, all a result of untrained specialists. Now Chernobyl is not going to be inhabited with human life for 300 years! even at that though that will only be habitable not radioactive free.

the sarcophagus :саркофаг

When you hear this you might think of Egypt but i'm not going off topic the sarcophagus is actually it is the covering on reactor 4 but it is now crumbling and if we don't put one on soon more radioactivity will spew all over the city
A Walk Around Chernobyl


As we are talking about Chernobyl I want to mention another big thing around Chernobyl, Pripyat this city was built to house the hard working workers at Chernobyl but then became a beautiful city until "it" happened. It was officially named a city just a few days before the explosion


People still live there not concerned at all about their personal health and people are still returning. it took 36 hours before only 40,000 people were evacuated. After the incident they had the head of the facility crawl under the reactor to see if anything was leaking, he made it out alive luckily. Now chernobyl is just a wasteland right??? Sorta, chernobyl is no longer inhabited by people a ghost town kinda place but is FLOURISHING with wildlife 30 years later crazy right! Watch the video below to see how birds adapt to radioactivity.

Science Bulletins: Chernobyl's Birds Adapt to Radiation

Why do I need this????

This shows the effects of having untrained personnel so if you ever own a company or own a company make sure every worker is well trained. But the way you do that is up to you.
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