Tech Integration Newsletter

Volume 7 | Issue 22 | March, 2018

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Potential Interruptions Saturday, March 3rd

To prepare for the upcoming student filter solution, network services will be working on our Internet connection from 8:00 - 10:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. There is a potential for possible Internet interruptions during this time.
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Update to Microsoft TEAMS

By popular demand a new feature will be coming to TEAMS the week of March 5th! You will now be able to RETURN assignments to individual students to redo even after providing feedback.

So what does this mean for you as the teacher? This means you will be able to create a feedback loop with your students and their assignments. It will no longer be necessary to recreate an assignment for all students for resubmission of edited work based on teacher's timely feedback. Nor do students have to submit redo's through email or shared link: they can remain in TEAMS as they improve their work.

For additional information and explanation of this new feature, please click here, or contact your OPS Tech Team Trainer.

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The New PD | Professionally Driven Technology Training

Be professionally driven and choose your own PD. These training sessions are open to elementary and secondary school teachers and stipends for attendance will be paid when offered during non-duty hours.

Check inservices.ops.org regularly as NEW training sessions are added often. Use your district e-login as the username and your employee number as the password.

Is your school open to hosting a PD session? Contact Melissa Cleaver (melissa.cleaver@ops.org) to coordinate a session at your school.

Spring Break Classflow Workshops

Wondering what Classflow can provide for your classroom? Ready to dive in with more work time to build lessons, activities, and assessments? The Promethean Classflow trainer will be on site over spring break to offer workshops at TAC to meet your needs. Go to inservices.ops.org and use your district username and six digit employee number to register. The following dates and topics are available:

  • Wednesday, March 14th 9:00 - 12:00 Classflow Level 1: Getting to Know Classflow
  • Wednesday, March 14th 1:00 - 3:00 Classflow Lesson Building Work Time
  • Thursday, March 15th 9:00 - 12:00 Classflow Level 2: Building Engaging Lessons
  • Thursday, March 15th 1:00 - 3:00 Classflow Assessments and Activities Construction

Stipends will be paid for certified staff to attend!

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Save the Date: OPS Tech Camp

Mark your calendars NOW for our OPS Tech Camp, a 2-day technology integration event for Certified staff on May 31st and June 1st. Come learn about best practices when integrating technology in your instruction, including a variety of tips, tricks, and tools to engage your students.

Stay tuned for more details next month!

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Digital Citizenship Corner with Common Sense Education

Digital devices put the world at our students' fingertips, whether with their own cell phones or with school-provided computers and tablets. But, along with opportunities for powerful learning come the risks -- and realities -- of distraction. So, what are the best ways to manage digital distractions in the classroom? Below, you’ll find practical tips on supporting students and modeling productive 21st Century learning.

Dealing with Digital Distraction in the Classroom

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Instructional Technology Leadership Program | Spring & Summer Cohorts, 2018

Our ITL endorsement program in partnership with the University of Nebraska Omaha is growing strong with the addition of 2 more cohorts for a total of 3 for the 2017 - 2018 school year. We are so excited to welcome these school librarians and classroom teachers to the program.

For more information about the OPS ITL program, please contact McKenzie White (mckenzie.white@ops.org).
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Elementary Spotlight: Congratulations to Sam Pane!

Sam Pane is a 5th grade teacher at Edison Elementary. In our Elementary highlight we are showcasing his use of Classflow in a math block. Check it out by clicking on the Sway below.
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Secondary Spotlight: Congratulations to Heather Bushelman!

Heather is a Language Arts and Social Studies teacher at Buffett Middle School. Click on the Sway link below to find out how she is incoporating technology in her classroom.

Once again, for the 2017-2018 school year, the secondary technology trainers are looking to showcase innovative secondary educators who are incorporating technology into their classroom content.

Click on the sway below to submit a nomination!

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Mobile Learning Unit

Omaha Public Schools Mobile Learning Unit was created to address issues of digital equity in the North Omaha area. Anchored on a powerful district vision and community partnerships, this innovative initiative targets high poverty neighborhoods and schools. The goal: to use a whole-community approach to bring high-technology learning and digital citizenship skills to students and their families. We want more than merely high-quality access and devices for our students - we want to build the knowledge and skills necessary to address the complex community challenges in today’s digital age. Every Student. Every Day. Prepared for Success.

To see the MLU in action, check out our blog HERE.

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OPS Anywhere

Communications regarding the new PeopleSoft upgrade has been emailed to all staff. In addition, postcards were mailed to employee home addresses over the winter holiday to communicate this upcoming change and explain the difference between Grams and Alerts. Your staff may not understand the importance of reading the OPS Anywhere emails or be aware of how they will be impacted. Employees can search their Inbox for "OPS Anywhere" to locate the emails. For additional information, see below.

Website Link: Click HERE
Email Questions or Concerns: ops-anywhere@ops.org
Project Hotline (Message Receiving Service): 531-299-0277

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Technology Training Team

Debra Bordenkecher:

Technology Trainer, Classified/Certified Staff/TAC

Rebecca Chambers:

Instructional Technology Trainer, Mobile Learning Unit Lead Teacher

Melissa Cleaver:
Instructional Technology Trainer, Project Coordinator
Eileen Heller:
Instructional Technology Trainer, Elementary Lead Teacher
Keegan Korf:
Common Sense Media, Digital Citizenship Lead Teacher
Kelly Means:
Instructional Technology Trainer, Project Coordinator
Amy Vester:
Instructional Technology Trainer, Secondary Lead Teacher
McKenzie White:
Instructional Technology Trainer, Library Lead Teacher