Some Cool New(ish) Tools

MMEA 2016

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  • Collect photos, audio, video
  • Share with parents
  • EASY to use
  • Can tag items for multiple students
  • Teacher or student assessment
  • Add co-teachers
  • Available on: iOS, Chrome
Seesaw: The Learning Journal Overview


  • Connect using an app (AirServer or Reflector) or connect via lightning cable and Quick Time Player on a Mac (OS 10.10+)
  • Share any app or website from your device

Google Drawing/Slides

  • Can add lines, shapes, text, images, etc.
  • Can group items together (ex. think line + oval to make a quarter note!)
  • Create a template to share with students
  • Can hack the end of a document URL to force students to make a copy (Directions here)
  • Best way: Google Classroom to share copies with students
  • Can use for melodic dictation, arranging music, rhythm dictation, making worksheet assignments digital instead of paper
  • Can use one slide deck and have each student edit one slide (then the teacher has all of them in one place!)

View a simple example here!


  • Finale + Google Apps = FLAT!
  • Music notation website
  • Google Apps login
  • Can print parts or score
  • Can collaborate with others (view or edit privileges)
  • Audio playback
  • Works on iOS devices or Chrome (use Chrome browser!)

Check out Flat!

Read my blog post about Flat here!


  • Record audio similar to GarageBand
  • Add loops
  • Can collaborate with others

Check out SoundTrap!

Check out SoundTrap's YouTube Channel!

Get Connected!

  • Connect with others to grow all year long (not just at conferences)!
  • Use Facebook, Twitter, Voxer!
  • Find other music educators to connect with so you aren't alone!
  • Tell the story of what you are doing in the classroom!

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About the Presenter

Andrea Halverson is a E-12 technology integration specialist for Princeton Public Schools in Princeton, MN. In this position, she provides professional development and training for teachers, supports teachers in curriculum development and technology integration, and supports students in the classroom. Prior to her work in technology, she spent nine years as a K-5 music specialist. She is currently the Executive Treasurer for the Midwest Kodaly Music Educators of America and is the Program Chair and past President for the Kodaly Chapter of Minnesota. She holds a B.A. in vocal music education, an M.A. in Kodaly music education from the University of St. Thomas, and is certified in both the Kodaly and Orff-Schulwerk approaches.