United States & Canada Connections

By: Monique Sevin

Economic Connections

The U.S and Canada have the worlds largest trading relationship. The two countries trade more than $2 billion goods and services daily. 19% of Canada's GDP comes from the U.S. The large amount of trading between U.S and Canada supports many jobs. Both countries have very industrialized economy.

Social Connections

Both the U.S. and Canada share many social contributions such as culture. Both nations speak English and share common religions. They both are multi-ethnic and have multi-racial societies.

America and Canada Stand Hand in Hand

Political Connections

The U.S. and Canadian people are hand in hand when it comes to politics. Both American and Canadian military forces cooperate with the NORAD. Also, Canadians and Americans both work together to manage and maintain a good environment. They've also shared many wars for generations such as the War of 1812.


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