Andrew Jackson

Zero or Hero

Trail of Tears

Georgia didn't like the idea of Indians living on their land. To settle it, they took it to court. The Supreme Court said that they could stay. Although the Supreme Court said they could stay, Jackson intentionally disobeyed the ruling, and kicked the Indians out. The way there was very hard because they had to live through bad weather and harsh winter.

Killing the National Bank

Andrew Jackson hated the National Bank, and wanted to get rid of it. Before his terms were over, he made sure he'd gotten rid of it. When the idea of a second National Bank came up, he vetoed it. Unfortunately, the National Bank kept the economy stable, and the economy collapsed.

Nullification Crisis

Andrew Jackson proposed taxes on imported goods, so the US economy could grow. The Northern States were fine with it, but the Southern States didn't like it because they relied on imported goods. Southern States tried to nullify it, and Jackson threatened to send in the army. South Carolina threatened to secede , and Jackson and South Carolina agreed to lower the tariff.
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The cartoon is saying that Andrew Jackson was a president who disobeyed the Constitution, so it shows him as a king who is stepping all over the Constitution.

Letter from a Cherokee

I absolutely HATE Andrew Jackson. He was so mean to my tribe and me. He kicked us out of our home land. Georgia came in and took our land, and we were fine with sharing it, but the people of Georgia weren't, and they wanted to kick us out. We took it to court, and the Supreme Court said that we could stay, but Andrew Jackson doesn't care about what the court said, so he kicked us out.

Letter from a Common Man

Andrew Jackson is the best. He is so much like me. I'm glad I can relate to him. He and I became such good friends, that he gave me a job at the White House. I have absolutely no idea what I'm supposed to do, but I don't care. I work for the President!