New York City

By: Peyton Hoyer

The Natural Resources In New York City

The two natural resources in New York City are the ocean, and the trees.

Coordinates, contenet, type of clothing worn, food eaten and trasnpotation.

40.6700 degrees north 73.9400 degrees west. The great New York City is in the continent North America. Mostly the type of clothing there is a modern style, such as tee shirt and denim jeans. The food eaten in the city has a majority of Asian, American and vietermese food. Transportation is a big part of the city. Its mostly taxi, car, bus, ect.

Major industries in the city

Here is a chart of the yearly weather and precipitation

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Interesting fact

The city was founded in 1624. That's almost 400 years ago!
New York City & Times Square Night Tour


New York is 40% Catholic, 30% Protestants and 5% Jewish.


The ethnicity of the city are white, black, Asian and Hispanic.