Yoko Ono

February 18, 1933 -

Basic Information

Medium: Artist and Anti-War Activist
nationality:Tokyo, Japan


Yoko Ono is well known for her performing art, music, film making, and Anti- War Activist.
She has done a lot to spread peace, throughout the world with late husband John Lennon. Yoko's first single "Give Peace A Chance" also a performance done with Lennon, encouraged a disregard for physical appearance in judging others. In 1970's Lennon and Ono appeared on "The Mike Douglas Show" taking hosting duties, and speaking at length about the evils of racism and sexism. In 2002 Ono was inaugurated a peace award, the Lennon Ono Grant which is given to artist living in regions of conflict every 2 years. in 2004 Ono renamed 2 of her song to support same sex marriage.