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All things Social Emotional Learning for FSA Elementary

IMPACT Focus- Week 13: Topic Lessons

K-1st Graders will continue focusing on being responsible learners and respectful table partners, along with working and thinking independently.

2nd Grade topic: Misbehavior Outside of Class

- Students consider the effects of their behavior on others

- Students listen to and share their partners' thinking with the class

- Students take responsibility for their learning and behavior

- Students reflect on their own behavior

3rd Grade topic: Preparing for a Field Trip

- Students speak clearly and listen to one another

- Students express creativity and divergent thinking

- Students seek to understand others' feelings and perspectives

- Students express interest in and appreciation for others

4th Grade topic: Kindness

- Students cultivate positive emotions

- Students consider the effects of their behavior on others

- Students speak and act in a caring and friendly way

- Students express creativity and divergent thinking

5th Grade topic: Resolving Conflicts

- Students explain their thinking clearly

- Students seek to understand others' feelings and perspectives

- Students recognize emotions and express them appropriately

- Students solve problems together that arise in work or play

- Students consider how to make amends if they have caused harm

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Character Trait of the Month: Gratitude

1. The quality of being thankful.

2. Readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Gratitude is not just saying; "Thank you".

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Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

Elementary Student Council is teaming up with senior student; Youmna in this fun charity event for UNICEF. Students collect donations while trick-or-treating to support children in need.

Operation Gratitude- Deadline to Bring Candy is NOV.6TH

Bring your leftover Halloween candy to Mrs. Cantrell's office to participate in Operation Gratitude! Please visit their link for more information, or ask a member of elementary student council.

We donate our candy to a locate dentistry office who then ships it to a destination through Operation Gratitude.

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I.M.P.A.C.T. Shirts available for purchase!

Our school store has IMPACT shirts available for purchase: $20.00

I - Intentionally

M - Making

P- Positive

A - Actions

C - Count

T - Together

We'll be there for you!

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Home Visits at FSA

We enjoyed our home visit this week! :)

Please contact Ms. Unal, if you are interested in participating in Home Visits!

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Beginning of the Year: Social Skills

  • Learn and follow classroom and school rules and procedures
  • Look at one another and greet one another by name
  • Generate norms for the classroom community
  • Speak clearly and listen to one another
  • Communicates responsibly between home and school

Do you use SEL skills outside of school? Show us!

If you and your family have had an opportunity to show your SEL skills in your community please share! Provide a picture (if you would like) and a short description of the experience. What skills were used? What went well? What could be improved on?

(ex: effectively communicating with friends at an event or party, using active listening and speaking skills with groups of friends)

Email Mrs. Cantrell with this information. :)