By. Kate and Nick

Geography Kate

Tunisia is located in Northern Africa. The country borders the Mediterranean and is in between Algeria and Libya. The longest river is the Merjerda and it is 450 km long. The capital of the country is Tunis. The Sahara desert region of Tunisia is one of the best spots in the country. It is very hot because the country is right next to the equator. The temperature is regular around the shore line averaging about (64 degrees Fahrenheit) and gets much hotter as you head down south through the desert. In the northern region of Tunisia the average amount of rainfall is 17 inches and as you head farther south it drops to about 6 inches.

History NIck

The country was discovered in the 12th century B.C by the Phoneticians. The country dominated for a long time until a great war with roman and it was destroyed. The Ottoman Empire ruled Tunisia from the late 16th century to 1881. In 1956 nationalist agitation forced France to sign Tunisian independence.

Tunisia History Video

This video will teach you all about Tunisian History

Religion and Language Kate

99% of people in the country of Tunisia are Muslims and follow the Islamic religion. Islamic religion is the religious beliefs of the prophet Muhammad. This religion is very common in this area. Another thing common in the area of the country Tunisia is the language Arabic which is the official language of Tunisia.

Economy Nick

The economy in Tunisia is fairly pour with an unemployment rate. The GDP per capita is 9700 United States dollars. That is fairly low considering Americas is 49,965 United States dollars. Oil is one of the resources found in Tunisia. The price of the oil is decide by the amount of oil there is. OPEC makes that decision.Tunisia also has a major manufacturing industry. The country gets a lot of money from these industries nearly 930 million dollars in food, beverages, and tobacco.The currency the country uses is Tunisian dinar. The conversion rate of Tunisian dinar to us dollars is 1.69 Tunisian dinar.

Travel Information Kate

From any international Airport you can fly to the Tunis Carthage Airport. There are several hotels in Tunis to stay in. If you want to go see the deserts the bus system has buses that go from Tunis to Douz. They also have hotels in Douz.

Government Nick

The country has a semi presidential system and a republic. The current president of Tunisia is Moncef Marzouki. The law making body of Tunisia is the National Constituent Assembly. This branch makes all the laws and and any laws that the president makes must be approved by them. The government is limited as well. People vote for the president and have the freedom of speech. This country is one of the view in its area that allows freedom of speech. Recently the Tunisian government made a 458 million bond with the united states.

Holidays Nick

Aid El Fitr is one major Islamic holiday celebrated in Tunisia. It marks the end of the month long Ramadan fast. People wake up really early dressed in their finest clothes and got to prayer grounds to eat. Also since the people have been fasting they hold a giant feast.

Traditional Clothing and Food Kate

The traditional clothing in Tunisia is silk scarfs and robes in many colors. People wear these clothes to holidays, feasts, church, and any other special occasion. Since Tunisia is right next to the Mediterranean Sea lots of the food consist of fish .One traditional recipe called Sweet Ragout of Quince and Lamb.