I'm Not Her

By- Janet Gurtler


I'm Not Her is about two siblings who are nothing alike. Tess, the younger sister, is not attractive but is very smart. Meanwhile, Kristina, the older sister, is the pretty and sporty one. Later on, Kristina is diagnosed with bone cancer. With Kristina not going to school, Tess has a ton of pressure placed on her. Tess wasn't the popular type but now many people are asking her about Kristina and she's very uncomfortable. Many boys have started to flirt with her, just to try and find out where Kristina has been. Tess's life went from simple to complicated.

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"I have cancer," Kristina said.

I chose this quote because it was the turning point in the story.

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The change that took place in this book was incredible. Kristina was pretty, preppy, and sporty. However, once she was diagnosed with cancer, that all went down hill. Kristina ended up in the hospital with many more problems like having to go back to school and facing everyone. At school, everyone was consumed with Kristina, asking where she was, when would she be coming back, and why wasn't she here? Meanwhile, Tess was now like the big sister, the one who Kristina now looked to. School for Tess changed the most because she wasn't the social type and she just had one person to talk to, her best friend. But now, since the only way people could find out about Kristina was by talking to her, she became very "popular."

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