#Hoover Sucks

He Is not reassuring

Hoover Is always telling us that he is going to change things, that things will get better, to stay confident. Everything has just gotten worse. Nothing he has said would get better has nothing has changed and I don't see any reason why we should continue doing what he asks if he is not going to do anything for us.

Cautious in fixing things.

Hesitates to much!

Hoover never acted immediately he always put things off hoping they would get better and eventually they just get worse and worse to the point in which hoover realizes he has to do something to fix it. He hesitates to much and makes things so much worse.

Direct relief and Herbert Hoover.

Hoover did not driectly relieve any of the citizens of the united states his theory was Helping people help themselves. He figured he would help them get jobs instead of get them money to get started. He did not help them with money problems.

What Hoover should have done differently.

Hoover Should have been more involved with the great depression he should have acted quicker and realized how big of a problem it was when it happened instead of procrastinating on what he should do and when he should have to do it. He should have fixed things and got things moving along as soon as it all started going down hill.