New Developments in Nuclear Fission

By Logan Hale

Nuclear Fusion For the Future

Recent breakthroughs have enabled myself and an assistant to create the technology to use nuclear fusion for energy. The exact method of creating this energy is confidential, as well as the name of said assistant, but I can help you understand why these new sciences are so important and how they will help solve the energy crisis.

The Science of Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fission is the current science used in nuclear reactors, but with any luck, we plan to change that. Nuclear fusion on the other hand, is not the process of splitting an atom's nucleus, but the fusing of nuclei of two atoms together. Nuclear fusion produces much much more energy than nuclear fission, which already produces a lot of energy and runs on a less abundant fuel.

Risks With Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion is not only much more efficient than nuclear fission, but is safer as well. Nuclear fission can get out of hand quickly and turn itself into an atomic bomb within a moment's notice, but nuclear fusion would have to be extremely unconstrained to be dangerous, since only outbursts of energy would be a problem.

Impacts of Using Nuclear Fusion

If we are able to make the shift to nuclear fusion for the majority of our energy, it would revolutionize humankind. All of our problems concerning the environment, economy, and energy would be solved, and energy would be almost limitless since we would be able to harness the power of stars.