The Gettysburg Address

The War

On July 1, 1860, one of the bloodiest battles of the American civil war occurred at Gettysburg. This battle claimed the lives of over 51000 and countless others injured a large loss to both the union and confederate army’s. Not only was it a huge loss to both forces, but a large loss to the families whom died. Not only was it adults, but children whom played the drums to announce the battle.

The Speech

Lincoln came to Gettysburg after the war on short notice, so the speech was pretty much written on the way to Gettysburg. The actual speech lasted only seven minutes whereas the introduction speech given by another person lasted 2 hours. The audience was not entirely pleased due to the length, but the speech was wonderful nonetheless.
The Gettysburg Address by President Abraham Lincoln - FULL AudioBook - U.S. Civil War History