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What's "MADguard", The Influencer Trend, and Trucking.

What's Hatching @ Madison!

Your yard crew may be asking you "What's MADguard?" as they notice these new tags arriving on our trucks. We recently enhanced and replaced our "Stabilyzr" wax additive tags with "MADguard". Same wax properties, same advantages...with a little more synced MADmarketing.

For those of you that are unaware of the wax additive we offer, let's chat about the benefits and opportunity to upgrade our product! Rainy days followed by dry periods can cause checking, splitting and grain raising. When wood gets wet it swells; as it dries it shrinks. This creates stresses within the wood which cause wood to twist, warp, cup, bow or check. The "MADguard" additive helps to minimize this natural reaction of wood by slowing the rate at which wood absorbs and releases moisture.

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What are you doing in order to market your business? How are you taking recognition of your brand, your style, your VALUE to that next level? Here at Madison we are teaming up and advidly searching for "Influencers" in the market. These are people that are working towards gaining a strong following which allows them to INFLUENCE while mentioning reputable products they love. We found this builder from his videos on LinkedIn and Instagram, recognized our products, and voila! Are you connecting the dots between people using your products and your online footprint. This is the wave of future marketing. One of the hardest aspects of branding is creating a steady stream on interesting content. By teaming up with companies that have this same vision, it makes everyone's job easier. Big shout out to #PremierOutdoorLiving

Trucking - What to Expect and When?

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The most popular question at the moment: "What are current lead times and what's trucking doing?" The answer? IT ISN'T GOING TO GET EASIER as the weather gets warmer and business ramps up. Brian is downstairs shipping out trucks left and right to get material to your yard as fast as possible. We are having a killer April thanks to you guys and gals. That being said, we do expect this beautiful weather to ramp up sales and for contractors to be out there working hard on jobs that previously got rained out. Over the next three weeks buyers should be stocked and ready for the spring rush on our doorstep. It is time for market pricing to take a back seat in your thoughts and for your focus to be on availability and the security of having product in your yard to sell. If you think you might not have enough inventory on your yard, you are probably right! THANK YOU to those who have proactively taken steps to avoid running out this spring!
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New Literature Coming Soon!

We are minutes away from releasing our new "So You're Going To Build A Deck" book! Let your account rep know if you need us to send you a box for the counter.