Perceptions of Me

by Caden Roesner

Who I Am

My name is Caden Roesner. I was born on July 21, 2003. Two of the things I like are games and competition, but I hate waiting and watching another person do something before I do it. My favorite sport is baseball. When I took the true colors test it told me that being responsible and following the rules is more important than my excitement and feelings. I like to save money, and being in a group is better than working by myself to me. Learning about things that are useful to me are important.

How Others Perceive Me

There are several points of view that others perceive me as.

  • My parents see me as their middle child. My mom sees me as very sensitive, and intuitive to other peoples feelings. She also sees me as funny, easy to be around, and I get along with everybody. My dad sees me as talented at math and athletically gifted.
  • Other teachers see me as shy or quiet and not willing to contribute in things.
  • Mrs. Stuth sees me as observant, focused on doing well, considerate of others, and not so much a risk taker.


In the future, I want to play baseball in college. My goal is to go to Harvard because you can get a good education there. I also think I am smart enough to go there. My human metrics test says that my career choices were technical/science, management or social services. It says that I am an I.N.T.J. That stands for Introvert, intuitive, thinking and judging. Six presidents are also I.N.T.J.'s. Some of those presidents are Chester A. Arthur, Calvin Coolidge, Thomas Jefferson, and John F. Kennedy.