R.B.O. Newsletter

December 2015

Issues Brought to the R.B.O. Committee & Resolutions


  • School Safety Plan - Preparations and Readiness (10/15)
  • Boxes in the hallway (11/15)
  • Process for ordering supplies (11/15)
  • Lunch schedule / Use of lunch period for crew building (12/15)
  • Dress code for certificated & classified (12/15)
  • Is loss of space in the lounge a loss of crew building opportunities? (12/15)
  • Access to the conference room & conference room schedule (12/15)

Resolutions / Ongoing Issues

School Safety Plan: The parties who brought the issue of the school safety plan to the R.B.O. feel like their concerns have been addressed. One ongoing concern being the absence of flashlights in the Emergency Packs. The R.B.O. committee learned that flashlights are not a required item in the emergency packs, thus there are no funds for this.

Boxes in the Hallway / Process for Ordering Supplies: Ongoing. It was brought up that there may have been multiple orders placed inadvertently and teachers may not be aware that they have items waiting in the hallway. Extra stock should be noted and stored for next year.

Lunch Schedules: There are many factors that have been addressed in an effort to have lunch and recess run smoothly. The cafeteria has been asked not to serve scoopable foods on Thursdays, although this is often beyond their control. The salad bar has been moved in an effort to speed the line, but this did not help and it was moved back. On Thursdays, the Noon Duty Supervisors have tried asking the parents of Kindergartners to wait for the grade level to go through the line first, but their understanding and support has not been forthcoming. An additional employee has been hired in the cafeteria and this will be the first time they have operated with a full staff this year, so this should help with fluidity. Also, after discussing this matter with the Noon Duty Supervisors, they firmly believe that, if all teachers would have their classes to their lines on time, there would not be the back-up and rush to finish lunch.

Dress Code for Teachers & Classified: This was discussed after a concern regarding exercise/yoga pants being worn during student days.

Loss of Space in the Lounge = Loss of crew building opportunities?: The concern was raised that, as a crew, we might reconsider our choice to give up space in the lounge as the loss of this space would make socializing as a crew during the work day more difficult. It was pointed out that the new lunch schedule was devised in an effort to allow crew building across the grades. While this has been difficult, losing space in the lounge will make it even more so. Also, redecorating the lounge was brought up for a second time.

Access to conference room & conference room schedule: As a result of this issue being raised, the Google calendar titled "Conway Conf. Room" was shared with all staff on 12/3 in an effort to make it easier to see when the room has been booked.