The Columbian exchange

By: Trent R.

Positive and negative things of the Columbian exchange

Many good and things happened the exchange. One good thing that happened was the trading route.This is good because the Americas and Europeans traded things they didn't have. Another good thing that happened was the horses. This was good because the Natives could then hunt buffalo faster by riding them.One more good thing was the potato.Potatoes were important because they an over sized population to the Spaniards.A few bad things happened. One bad thing that happened was smallpox because they were brought to the Americas and the Indian couldn't overcome the diseases so many natives died.Another bad thing that happened was a fungus, it killed many people then people moved away.

If I am against or with the exchange

I'm with the exchange because without the exchange we wouldn't have pig for hot dogs sheep for wool and cows for hamburgers. Many things we have we wouldn't have because of the exchange.