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How Tech Can Change Your Classroom

All classrooms are compiled of students that learn differently. It is not uncommon to have students that are classified as needing special education services, English Language Learners, basic skill participants, and gifted and talented within the same four walls for a part, if not all of the day. Teachers need more training and support than ever. Especially when you consider the high-stakes testing and advanced curriculum demands.

How are we currently supporting teachers?

It is impossible to provide enough training for every educator in your building. Limited hours prohibit the amount of professional development throughout the school year. Teachers stay late and arrive early to provide meaningful feedback and create engaging lessons. Teachers are left to feel overwhelmed and wanting more.

Technology can help!

Chromebooks are wonderful and iPads are great, but simply having them in the room does not make a teacher's job any easier. The technology I often recommend in individualized evaluations and train teachers how to utilize include technology that is more than games and engagement components. These tools can create a bridge between where students are and the road to curriculum access. The technology works for the teacher and the students!

How can Learning for Tomorrow NJ help?

History, science, math, health, and language arts can all be leveled with the support of high and low technology for struggling students. My evaluations replace the need for teachers and parents to wander the internet and hope that they find the right tools for the right learner. Vast experience as a classroom special education teacher, administrator, parent, and consultant ensure that the technology being recommended will help your learner meet their goals. This information can be shared with teacher, parents, or used in personalized student training sessions. Many of the recommendations can be considered when planning for standardized testing and program placements. Bonus, many of the recommended technology is only dollars a month!

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