Kinder News

Week of May 20-24, 2013

Don't Forget!

All permission slips, money and photo release forms are due ASAP! If we do not have the proper paperwork, your child will not be able to attend. Thanks!

What are we Learning this week?

English/Language Arts~ Review

Sight Words~Review



Social Studies~Review

Sight Word List

Please practice daily!

a, red, I, see, my, yellow, blue, the, go, to, and, green, can, orange, you, black, am, white, on, look, is, purple, at, gray, brown, me, pink, this, zero, we, one, he, she, in, two, do, like, it, three, come, four, up, five, here, six at, the, zoo, put, seven, with, eight, what, nine, where, ten, was, said, were, are, this, that, then, they, went, yes, no, of, saw, has, have


Please wear tennis shoes and comfortable clothing everyday. Students will be going to the track frequently to practice for field day. Students may bring a water bottle, please write their name on the bottle. Thanks for your understanding!

8 more school days until summer!!